My Turn to Write.

Well I never thought I would really be doing this writing down something about something. Does that sound vague? Yes, but it is because I am not sure about what is very 1st blog of mine is going to be about. I do know, however what prompted me to sit down and do this.

About 5 years ago I worked at a pretty awesome job helping people find jobs and helping companies find people to fill those jobs and I was pretty successful for a girl who had been a Retail Manager for over 20 years. And then Kurplunk! The bottom fell out of the economy and I was laid off. What a total blow to my new career! I was sad, pissed off and most of all didn’t know what the heck was on the horizon for me next.

I did what I was supposed to do look for job! I called everyone I knew, sent out resumes to every posting on the internet that i was qualified for, but to no avail. Guess what happened? I went right back to exactly what had happened right after the lay off sad, pissed off and “what the heck am I supposed to do now” came and sat right next to me at the computer.

I spend HOURS and HOURS on Facebook and posted a status update everyday without fail. I commented on all of my friends lives and the cool things they were doing at their jobs and with their co-workers. I shared my thoughts and ideas with those on Facebook right then and there and with my working friends when they returned home from their jobs. I liked this new “job” I had taken upon myself to hire.

The turning point for me (and the inspiration to start writing) was the feedback and comments that started appearing on my Facebook feed. The “likes” I started receiving made me smile. People were commenting on my comments cool! All because I was writing something to someone’s something! WOW! Now this is usually not a big deal, but for a girl who had just her new career pulled out from under her like a rug this was huge! Getting up had a purpose. Turing on the computer meant something. Seeing what people were saying in response to me was awesome!

I knew at this point I had my new career writing! I was beside myself and thrilled to pieces! Something that I never thought about was going to bring me riches! I outlined a script. I started a book. I jotted down LOTS of ideas and thoughts as to what my new lease on life was to entail. It was my turn to write.

This went on for about 9 months and then the heavens opened up and I got a job and my writing stopped abruptly. Be it I was too busy or I just lost my mojo, I don’t know why I did not continue to write. It surely was not for lack of things to write about, but that spark fizzled out…

Until now…  5 years later my sparkler has been lit again.

What will I write about? Will it interest you? How often will I write? Will you comment? All of these questions have yet to be answered. I may not and you may not like the answers, but I am going to give this writing thing a chance… a real chance.

Stay tuned. Come along and read what Rocking The Page will be all about.

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