The Woody Show Take Over of DCA… I Won! I Won!

Here is an article I wrote for our friends, Theme Park Duo. Hope you like it. We had a BLAST!

Theme Park Duo

Congratulations! You Are A WINNER!


Well that was back in 2020 when I won tickets to The Woody Show Take-Over of DCA (Disney’s California Adventure), but then the world shut down and total disappointment struck my soul.

BUT... fast forward to 2021 and an email that assured the 2020 Winning tickets were going to be honored on August 19 arrived! Another… YAAAYYY! WOO HOO! All good things come to those who wait and boy did we wait!

August 19th, finally arrived and the scorching CA heat took a couple of days off and we were off to Take Over DCA.

Someone said to me- “Disney is never as fun if you go all the time”, but I beg to differ because every time I go the excitement of going consumes me. Especially when you know there won’t be very many people in the Park and the…

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